Catalyst for Happiness

Sustainable Strategies for Wellbeing


Hi there. I am an Outdoor Educator and MAPP Graduate. I started this blog as a way to further examine some of the ideas and theories which incessantly bumble around in my brain – I find it so much easier to engage with them if they’re outside of my head and in the real world. I am to post once a fortnight (wow – now that’s in writing I’d better actually do it…!) and hope to deliver an interesting range of everyday wellbeing ideas which relate to the environment, communities, outdoor activities, slow living and how they all relate to wellbeing.

IMG_1044.JPGI also have a 2 year-old Kelpie.  She was my first intentional go at a Pos Psych Intervention. She gets me outside running and walking and talking to people around me. I know how much I value all these things, and I also know how easy it is to talk yourself out of doing these things and be a lazy blob on the couch convincing yourself the world isn’t a great place to be. So kudos to Abbie for reminding me everyday to get outside and enjoy myself.





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