Weekend Rituals

Here in my sunny loungeroom, the dogs and I have a bit of a weekend ritual. While I do my best to sleep in and catch up from the busy week, I find my body clock usually first pings my eyes open sometime in the 7’s…then as much as I try to find sleep again, I usually give up within the hour. Coffee and cooked breakfast – I love taking the time to make delicious and time-consuming weekend food (this morning was mushroom omlette with some leftover avocado), then we head to our east-facing lounge to sit in the sun.

This morning I washed the small black dog before cooking, as she’d found something particularly chunky to roll in overnight, and so she snuggled into me in a post-bath sulk. As she slowly warmed up in the sun, I stumbled around the internet, seeing what was going on in the world and generally putting off the list of chores that inevitably seem to land on Saturday’s doorstep.

It’s lovely to take the time to wake up slowly, to be able to savour  the calm of the morning before having to face the day. A second coffee or a pot of tea usually follows the first, and I fight the looming sensation of ‘you should‘.

Just for a little bit of time, on a Saturday morning, there is no should. No responsibility. No tasks to take priority. This afternoon will roll around…I will go for a run, start my assignment, research some ideas. All the inevitability of achievement and effort will happen in time.

But for now, I am enjoying the sun, my dog, and the absence of should.

Happy weekend.